Maximum Improvement of Real Business Skills in the Minimum Time

“Canning’s consultants are all on point”, is the comment we hear most often from our clients. Our practical training is tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant. This guarantees our high levels of customer satisfaction.

The training is both challenging and fulfilling. 
That’s what makes it special.3 points

  • Strength 1Practical Training to 
Change Behaviour

    We improve participants’ skills by identifying their weak points through role plays and real-life simulations. Participants acquire the skills they need the most through this process. Traditional lectures and lessons, which put the weight on inputting knowledge, do not offer practical
    training. Practicality is Canning’s highest priority. Our goal is to help
    participants change their behavior and reactions. The reason people say our training is excellent is because they see a real change in their
    business performance.

  • Strength 2Consultants Understand 
the Needs of Participants

    Our consultants have a wealth of global business experience so they can quickly identify the participants’ needs and relate to them. Each Canning consultant has his or her own expertise, for example in communication, cultural skills, diversity and inclusion, etc. They are also dedicated to conti­nuously improving their own skills and abilities.

  • Strength 3Over 90% of Training 
by Native English Speakers

    Most of our consultants are native English speakers, and almost all of the training is in English. This is because many of our clients are doing business in English. One reason that the quality of our training is rated so highly is because we simulate real business environments. This results in a level of pressure that challenges the participants to really improve their skills. To make our training practical in every respect— that is the Canning way.

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We also offer open courses held on fixed dates.

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