Why our Clients Work with Us


Our clients trust us to customize programs that meet their exact needs.

  • We develop and deliver programs that are entirely unique to the needs of the company, the team, or the individual that we are working with.  No two programs are ever the same.


Our clients know that we consistently deliver programs of the highest quality.

  • Based on our end of program evaluations in 2015, our participants ranked us 4.89 on a scale of one to five.


Our clients rely on us to deliver excellent results time after time.

  • We target issues and development areas, and help participants learn and improve from the first day.  This makes a clear, immediate difference to their performance at work.


“Due to the globalization of our business we had a strong need to prepare our people to become Global Leaders:  they needed to acquire the necessary business skills to a level that they could communicate and collaborate with global business people.

We believe that Canning Professional’s programs equip our people with the necessary skills to perform effectively in global business situations.  Canning Professional has been developing our people for over 20 years.”


Hiroki “ROCK” Asakura

Senior Manager

Human Resources Development Section

Personnel Department

Kirin Co., Ltd.


“Several members of my marketing team needed to improve their performance in international meetings.  Canning Professional designed and delivered a program to meet our needs.  My team members are now much more proactive in meetings, and therefore have more overall influence in decision-making at an international level.”


Shigeo Nozaki

Head of General Care Business Unit

GlaxoSmithKline K.K.


“Canning Professional is a great business partner. Their Business Communication Skills program is highly regarded in Volvo, with many people on the waiting list. In a changing environment, a partner like Canning – with highly professional and committed trainers who provide the best tailored programs in a flexible way – is a must.  I always enjoy working with Canning.”


Asako Hongo

HR Manager

Volvo IT Japan

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