Global Mindset/グローバルマインドセット

Global Mindset

Learn from the Pioneers in Cross Culture Training for Business


Can your team think and work on an international level?


Doing business on a global level means working with different nationalities, cultures, expectations, methods and styles. Simply speaking the same language may not be enough. Our Global Mindset course can help your staff understand different thinking and behavior and adjust their own style.


Our database of cross cultural research and our global training and development experience enable us to understand the challenges faced when working across cultures, and how to overcome these challenges.


Canning’s Global Mindset programs are informative and thorough. But above all they are highly practical. What you learn in the training room can be applied immediately back in the global workplace.


Our Global Mindset programs fall into four categories:

  • Cross-Culture Programs for Japanese Participants
  • Working with the Japanese
  • Pre-Departure Programs
  • Working with Specific Cultures


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Global Mindset/グローバルマインドセット
Global Mindset/グローバルマインドセット

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