English for Business/ビジネス英語

English for Business

A Unique High Quality Solution


Do your current and future leaders have the English skill to make a difference?


As business become even more global, the ability of leaders to perform in English becomes even more important. We work with senior executives and high-potential people to make sure that they can really make a difference to their companies at regional and global levels.


Canning’s English for Business Leaders’ programs are:


  • Effective – because of our tried and tested unique methodology enabling fast results. This is backed up by the experiences of thousands of businesspeople we have trained from all over the world.
  • Efficient – because each program is entirely customized, we can help businesspeople meet their specific goals with the most effective use of their time.
  • Trusted – because our trainers have solid business experience, are highly qualified and are trained by us, you can trust us with your best people.


We can work with your current or future business leaders either intensively or extensively, depending on individual needs and goals.  For further information,please contact us.

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English for Business/ビジネス英語
English for Business/ビジネス英語

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