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Canning is a talent development consultancy based in Tokyo. Since 1986 we have helped our clients meet the challenges of international business in terms of their people and communication. As part of the Canning Group, stablished in London in 1965, we have delivered programs to over 150.000 business people of 70 different nationalities, in over 30 different countries worldwide.


In 2012 we became the international partner in Japan for Saville Consulting, a UK based psychometric assessment company whose tools are widely regarded as a global gold standard. This partnership, coupled with our nearly 30 years of experience in the Japanese market, makes us uniquely qualified to meet our clients’ talent development needs in Japan.


The increasing globalization of many industries presents our clients with many different and specific challenges in respect of their people. We design solutions that meet our clients’ needs by drawing on our expertise in the following disciplines: Leadership Development, Business Skills, Global Mindset and Communication, English for Business Leaders, and Personal Development. Where appropriate we make full use of our expertise in the Saville tools to optimize our work with our clients on areas related to recruitment, development and retention of their people.


Here are some examples of the solutions we provide.


At an individual level:

  • A talented Japanese manager is up for promotion but lacks the English skills to perform effectively in his/her new role. Canning Professional’s solution: a highly customized one-to-one English and business communications skills training program
  • A recently promoted director is struggling with the challenges he/she is facing in his/her new role. Our solution: an executive coaching assignment involving clear and realistic objectives, a clear timeline, and an expert and qualified coach.


At a management level:

  • A foreign company director needs assistance in identifying and developing the next generation of leaders. Our solution: design and deliver a development centre to measure and develop the competencies required of the selected group.


At an organizational level:

  • A successful alliance between a French and Japanese organization is threatened due to basic misunderstandings: Our solution: design and deliver programs to help promote understanding of the counterpart cultures and promote clear communication and encourage relationship building.
  • A group of newly hired new graduates need exposure to the realities of working in a global business environment. Our solution: design and deliver a practical program that gives the new graduates the opportunity to develop and practice their skills in an encouraging, positive and challenging atmosphere.


At a global level:

  • A multi-national’s Japanese subsidiary needs to roll out a global training and development plan developed by their headquarters. Our solution: work closely with the organization to identify exactly how we can help deliver a successful program tailored to local needs.
  • A global Japanese organization needs support with their global recruitment strategy. Our solution: use the Saville WAVE™ Professional Styles assessment to add objectivity to the selection process.



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Caning Magic/キャニング マジック
Caning Magic/キャニング マジック

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